Ernesto Ciorra Chief Innovability Officer of ENEL S.P.A. Interview with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0 | Traders Network Show – Vatican City

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Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer of ENEL S.P.A. interview with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0 (Vatican City)


  • ENEL is the largest renewable energy company in the world
  • ENEL’s KPI strategy is to mix innovation with sustainability
  • ENEL strives to give purpose to their company and the employees working for them


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer of ENEL S.P.A. with Matt Bird

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 00:00    

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show and our coverage of the 2019 Humanity 2.0. I’m Matt Bird broadcasting a worldwide from the Vatican for and our affiliate partners. My next guest is the Chief Innovability Officer for ENEL S.P.A., Ernesto Ciorra. Is that right? Now, ENEL is not only a leader in energy, but you’re also leader in sustainability and innovation and amongst a bunch of other things, and you’re here in the Vatican with all the other thought leaders from around the world. Tell me a little bit about what you’re seeing so far from the event and what’s your takeaway? 

Ernesto Ciorra – Chief Innovability Officer, ENEL S.P.A.: 00:54    

So thus far we had the biggest renewable company in the world. So our business model is sustainable. That’s why we all, everything that we do is aimed at sustainability because we want to survive. So, but we have mixed the innovation with sustainability because if you don’t innovate, you die. That’s why we have mixed innovation, sustainability, creating these new words “Innovability”. And we are very happy to be here because here we are talking about Humanity 2.0 that is to say that the man, the person should be at the center of the business. We must respect our common home. The common home is there, the earth and the how can we protect it, providing access to energy to 1 billion of people that today and not any energy access because today we are talking here about the health and about the hospitals, but if you haven’t any energy access, how can you make Sergeant during the night and there are another one bigger of person. We are working for a source of energy but unfortunately this source is not stable, is not reliable. So you are under the surgery and unfortunately there is a blackout. People die and we are working. For example, in Ethiopia we have already provided some hospitals with a source of energy that is stable. So those are speakers can count on us with the photovoltaic panels, storage and other innovative solutions that can provide them energy 24 hours a day. Even if there is a black out in the grid in their country. 

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 01:53    

So what are some of the hurdles that you’re encountering with all the deployment of the impacts stuff?

Ernesto Ciorra – Chief Innovability Officer, ENEL S.P.A.: 02:29

We have adopted some SDGs as not totally as corporate mantra, but as KPIs of our strategic plan. So  our business is aimed at sustainability. Not only is sustainable, but we measure our self according to the SDGs. And we have a fixer big ambitious targets in terms of access to energy in terms of education in terms of share value with communities where we are and the oldest 17 SDGs and be mapped in our strategic plan explaining national community, what are our targets in the strategic plan. And for us it’s important because doing, doing good is doing business. And if you aim at providing access to energy to 1 billion of people or to start realizing the source of energy to another 1 billion, it’s a big business. But doing business, it’s always a great opportunity to better the world. And if you better the world, you better your financial accounts.

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 03:12    

I couldn’t agree more. I mean what you’re talking about triple bottom line and that is a new metrics that we’re operating off within this global community. You know, I love to have you back and I’d love having another conversation about the UN SDGs and those that might not pick that up, but it’s the Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a massive canvas of doing good and creating content for social change, amongst other things and I think you touched on something amazing, so I love to have you back on the show to talk about that. Is there anything that you’d like to say as a takeaway to the audience about what’s happening here for Humanity 2.0?

Ernesto Ciorra – Chief Innovability Officer, ENEL S.P.A.: 03:59    

Yeah, in new Humanity 2.0, all of us, we are talking about, which is the purpose of the company? Why every day we wake up and we go working, not totally making business, but how we can give a real sense to our life going a job going at war. And the purpose is something that is emotional. People are emotional base and they cannot be moved according to money or according to rational motivations because people must give it to them self area sense to their life. And we here today we are saying that Hey, we can combine the way to make business with the sense of purpose. And even the, the CEO of the biggest fund in the world, BlackRock, has sent a letter to the most important CEOs in the world say he, you must give to your company a sense of purpose. So I think that this event is not only an event on sustainability, it’s an event on business. How you can create value for your shareholders, for your communities, for your customers, for your employees, giving a sense of purpose. But in the world. No financial accounts.

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 04:57    

I couldn’t say it better myself. That’s amazing. Well listen, we had a wrap up and go to the commercial break everybody, the Chief Innovability Officer for ENEL, Ernesto Ciorra. Listen, thanks for thanks for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. Are you going to be on a panel a little later? I would be here just to at least use your, just listen, I mean working. Listen, we’re learning a lot of stuff and consuming a lot of stuff, but listen, we’re going to be right back with our next guest. You don’t want to go don’t want to go away. 

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