History of the show

The Traders Network Show originally launched in Jan-2012, airing exclusively on iHeart Radio and Clear Channel interviewing more than 400 CEOs from around the world. In 2015 the show got it’s big break and went to OTT video with Wall Street industry titan David Nelson as show host. David Nelson with Executive Producer Matt Bird in co-operation with the United Nations and the UNCTAD’s Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative launched the first OTT series at the NYSE, marking the first time more than 12 stock exchange CEOs have ever been interviewed by any news network. The show reached U.S. national syndication shortly after to over 100 ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates. In 2019, the show signed with Equities.com to drive it’s global emerging economic news coverage while maintaining its syndication partnerships.

Today the Traders Network Show covers; World Economic Forum, OECD, EU Parliament, U.S. Department of Commerce, United Nations, UN SDGs, Humanity 2.0 and Vatican impact initiatives, as well as economic development and high-profile impact related events and exclusive one-on-one interviews with top industry  leaders.

About the Show:

From the fast action of the trading pit…to the power executives making the headlines… David Nelson and Matt Bird interviews the front-page titans about the latest in emerging growth economic market trends. Learn how the experts use social impact and risk management techniques to build sustainable business models. It’s a fast moving, high energy show that presents stocks, commodities, bonds, forex, emerging growth SMEs with thought-leaders on global impact strategies in a new light and keeps investors asking for more…

The Traders Network Show stays ahead of the curve by featuring leading market and business professionals, sophisticated technologies, world leaders, influencers and the analytics needed to identify the most lucrative emerging growth investment strategies.

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Host: David Nelson

David Nelson - CNBC
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Host & Executive Producer: Matt Bird 

Matt Bird CNBC
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