Maksim Tsvetovat Founder of Open Health Network Pitches PatientSphere on ‘Ignition Pitch Competition’ at Converge2Xcelerate | Traders Network Show – Boston, MA

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Maksim Tsvetovat, Founder/CTO of Open Health Network pitches PatientSphere at Converge2Xcelerate Conference (Boston, MA)


  • We are overwhelmed with siloed healthcare data from multiple sources
  • There is a problem in healthcare coordinating providers to use one standard
  • PatientSphere’s solution is to enable the patient to control the data on the front end


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Maksim Tsvetovat, Founder/CTO of Open Health Network

Maksim Tsvetovat – CTO/Founder, Open Health Network: 00:00

My name is Maksim Tsvetovat. I am a CTO, founder of Open Health Network. We were actually founded in a hospital room while my mom wasn’t waiting for taxis and she said, you know, if you were on this mature while she was in surgery, you probably died. Started the company, develop me. We launched at the White House by president Obama who pressed the launch button. This is the only large button he ever pressed. And the that was the white house demo day. The first and only as far as I know and we’ve been on a tear ever since. Slide, please. But we are a blockchain powered patient data aggregation and patient experience management floor. Slaton slate. You know what, actually, if I fast forward, does this sound okay? Stop right here. So let me describe to you a problem we have data coming in from all kinds of devices. We have data coming in from a wearables, we have data from pharmacies, a multitude of doctors, providers, payers, everywhere. And currently it’s resides in silos across the whole industry.

Maksim Tsvetovat – CTO/Founder, Open Health Network: 01:43

There was an attempt earlier on to create a health information exchange organizations. And these sort of sit in the back end of this system as he tried to facilitate data exchange. The problem is when the data comes through the backend, it is actually impossible to get all of the providers to play by the same rules. The only way to get that data together is to put it in the front end and to enable the patient to control who sees what data, when, under which circumstances, and how does data play it all together. So this is what they built. They started out with a suite of apps. This rise of different organizations, hospitals NIH funded research shows research projects, etc. And we’ve over time built up a platform and this platform starts with an app on your phone or in your browser. It integrates with all of your devices. It integrates this whatever EMR is used by your hospital, so you log into your MyChart or whatever it pulls data from all of those sources and that puts you as the patient in control of that data. We use blockchain for one very simple reason. Blockchain gives us auditable access control.

Maksim Tsvetovat – CTO/Founder, Open Health Network: 03:07

And this is something that called smart consent. So if you’re running in a clinical trial this notion of informed consent is extremely important. You have IRB institutional review boards reviewing piles of the commendation on how the patients are consented into the clinical studies or clinical trials. And every time you go to see a doctor, you also sign the different consent forms. There is a HIPAA consent of authorizes the release of your information as medically necessary. At this point, all of that consent is jumble of paper forms. Each provider has their own copy of that signed by you and you have no idea of where your data actually goes.

Maksim Tsvetovat – CTO/Founder, Open Health Network: 03:53

So we provide a smart contract, blockchain based, securely encrypted smart consent. Go forward a whole bunch of slides. Yeah, forget it. So our team is amazing. That’s Tatiana Valey. Our co-founder, CEO, she’s a former partner at PWC. She knows the business end of things backwards and forwards. Myself, I’m a PhD data scientist. I built AI tools for fun. Our advisors come from Google, from IBM Watson from who is who in healthcare data. And also our advisory medical advisory board has five MDs in the variety of specialties. We know the research side via know the business side and they know how to get the things working. We are currently at a number of major university hospitals they’re working this the children’s hospital of Philadelphia, Mount Sinai, UCLA, UCSF, we are in market deployed working right now and we are raising a large seed slash series. Come and talk to us and we would love to have you on our team. Thank you very much.

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