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Joseph Weinberg, CEO of Paycase at World Economic Forum (DAVOS)


-This years conversations more centered around global economincs rather than global politics

-WEF19 has less blockchain companies, but more substance in each company

-How to use blockchain to build solutions to currrent problems


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Joseph Weinberg, CEO of Paycase 

Ben Yablon (Contributor, Traders Network Show):00:01           

This is Ben Yablon, contributor to I am the chairman and cofounder of SALT. SALT is a digital financial asset lending platform. I’m joined today by Joseph Weinberg. We are in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Joseph, you’re the chairman and cofounder of the Shyft Network, a digital identity solution company. We were at Davos together last year and you, can you give me your take on how things have changed over the last year or what are, what are you seeing that’s different? But this Davos and last years? 

Joseph Weinberg (Chairman/Co-founder, Shyft):  00:35

Yeah, I think that there’s I mean, I think that the global economic trends that are happening around the world are very much reflective of here Davos this year. I think it’s a lot less busy. And the conversations are a lot more around, you know, what the global outlook looks from an economics perspective and a geopolitical perspective.

Joseph Weinberg (Chairman/Co-founder, Shyft): 00:55

A lot of the larger world leaders in nations that are really kind of involved in the hottest topics surrounding, you know, global politics are not here. And I think that that sends a message more than anything. But I think that there’s still a lot of, you know, vibrance in the conversations in the areas I see a lot of, a lot of focus or around kind of the environment and a lot more kind of green themes and water and a few other areas and, and financing in that department. But it’s definitely a lot different, a lot less people. 

Ben Yablon (Contributor, Traders Network Show):01:24

Well I would agree with that. Would you say that you’re noticing a large difference in the tone around some of the enterprise solutions in the blockchain space? And the change maybe in tone around some of the original digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum? Yeah, last year they were kind of center stage this year. Yeah, there’s a different focus.

Joseph Weinberg (Chairman/Co-founder, Shyft):01:41

Totally. I think that last year it was very much, it was actually very representative of the whole, you know, craze around the cryptocurrency space and the blockchain space, which was everything’s amazing. It’ll solve all the world’s problems. You know, everyone was high end muddy on the $20,000 Bitcoin price. And, and with that there was four to five times as many people. I mean everything was blockchain and you know, even if it didn’t make sense, right. And I think that now it’s a lot more calm. I actually prefer this time as well in the, in the, in that ecosystem is that it’s a lot more about is this real, is it not, do these solutions make sense? We actually need to build things and do it properly and the solutions really have to solve problems. And so I think that there’s a lot less here this year, but I actually think it’s good cause the things that are here are generally there because it makes sense.

Ben Yablon (Contributor, Traders Network Show):02:26           

Maybe a bit more substance.

Joseph Weinberg (Chairman/Co-founder, Shyft):02:36

Absolutely. Is here hundred percent. And it’s a lot more about, yeah. And it’s like a lot less, you know, people who are just here for the, the returns. And it’s more about people who are here because they’re actually trying to build solutions to problems. And that’s a good thing. 

Ben Yablon (Contributor, Traders Network Show):02:49

I’m seeing a lot of overlap this year with the artificial intelligence conversation. So I, I feel like the, the blockchain conversation is really being a wed to the AI conversation. Are you seeing some of the same things? 

Joseph Weinberg (Chairman/Co-founder, Shyft):03:03

Yeah, I am. And I think it’s really focused on enterprise rate at the end of the day. And so I think that this is like this kind of emergence between what is AI and machine learning look like in big data as well with blockchain is as is these formative solutions. But I think it’s heavily around what are enterprises doing and can we actually, you know, do what we say we’re doing in this space. 

Ben Yablon (Contributor, Traders Network Show):03:23

So, it looks like we’re about out of time. Thanks for sticking around and you pick up on this in a, in a later segment. Joseph Weinberg.

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