iM Global Partner and Richard Bernstein Advisors launch new Responsible Global Allocation ETF

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iM Global Partner (iMGP) and Richard Bernstein Advisors (RBA), a renowned asset allocation specialist and among the largest ETF strategists in the US, announce today the launch of the iMGP RBA Responsible Global Asset Allocation ETF (ticker: IRBA).

This new ETF combines RBA’s time-tested and dynamic approach to global asset allocation with utilizing state-of-the-art ESG or responsible ETFs.

“There is strong demand for a comprehensive solution that pulls together all the ESG and Responsible single ETFs available to advisors and investors into one globally diversified solution. RBA’s expertise in providing global asset allocations implemented with ETFs has been their core focus since the firm was founded,” says Jeffrey Seeley, iM Global Partner Deputy CEO. “We are thrilled to launch this comprehensive ESG ETF solution that can serve as a foundation for clients’ long-term responsible ESG global allocations.”

iMGP RBA Responsible Global Allocation ETF
The iMGP RBA Responsible Global Allocation ETF employs a macro-driven, top-down style to construct a globally responsible asset allocation portfolio. The investment team uses proprietary indicators and the firm’s macro-economic analysis to allocate to global equity and fixed income asset classes and several sub-asset classes using primarily US listed ESG or responsible ETFs.

IRBA has a base asset allocation of 65% equities, and 35% fixed income. This ‘go anywhere’ multi-asset strategy can invest broadly across country/region, style, market capitalization, duration, or credit quality risk-weighted through 5-30 ETFs.

RBA calls its investment approach “Pactive®” investing because it uses passive tools like ETFs to take an active approach to investment positions.

Richard Bernstein, CEO and CIO of Richard Bernstein Advisors commented: “RBA’s disciplined investment process has worked for clients for over a decade. We are pleased that the ESG ETF universe has matured enough so that we can now apply our strategies to ESG portfolios in IRBA.”


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