Fr. David Nazar President of the Pontifical Oriental Institute Interview PT. 2 with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0 | Traders Network Show – Vatican City

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Father David Nazar Rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute interview with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0 (Vatican City)


  • Humanity 2.0 is bringing people of goodwill together to achieve a common goal
  • The goal of the forum is to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to create a plan to help humanity
  • Pontifical Oriental Institute is the only University in the world that studies the history of Eastern Churches


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Fr. David Nazar, Rector at the Pontifical Oriental Institute with Matt Bird

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 00:00    

Welcome back to our covers for the 2019 Humanity 2.0 here at the Vatican. And we’re continuing our interview with Father Jesuit, David Nazar. David, thanks for sticking around for a little bit longer. So you’ve got a few social impact initiatives internally that you’d like to see kind of out there. Let’s talk about that. How can people help? How can they contribute? We have a stage. Tell us about what we can do to help. 

Fr. David Nazar, SJ – Rector, Pontifical Oriental Institute: 00:45

Well, one, one of the things when you are in troubled zones, you’ve take a country like Iraq, which is effectively destroyed after four Wars. We have students from Baghdad who have come to get a doctorate in theology. You’ll say, why are they coming to get a doctorate in theology? Because they feel that they have to deepen a human commitment, experience. They have to deepen their faith in order to go back and have the strength to work in an area that’s not going to give them a high salary. It’s not going to give them great reward except for helping people. So they come here to study, get a doctor with us in order to go back and open centers, whether they’re educational centers for the long-term development of these countries. So that’s our main preoccupation is educating people who can go back for the long-term to develop the countries that they’re from. And clearly the health issues are central.

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 01:13

Health is one of those areas that is the biggest growing concern I think in the world. In fact, it’s the biggest emerging growth industry. The reason for it is that we’re living longer and it current is to financial institutions and current economic models that we have out there aren’t anticipating this longevity in health is health worldwide is become a big concern. But that being said, the Pontifical Oriental Institute, where can people go to learn more about what you’re doing and do you have a website?

Fr. David Nazar, SJ – Rector, Pontifical Oriental Institute: 01:35

Sure. Website under the Pontifical Oriental Institute, there’s even another website in the United States, the Gregorian University Foundation. Lots of information on what we’re doing. Lots of possibilities that even donating to support the work that we’re doing here. 

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 01:58

Try to donate. We’re donating. We’re here covering. This is a wonderful cause. Thanks so much for tuning in. Father, thank you. I appreciate your time. You’re watching the Traders Network Show. I’m Matt Bird. We’ll be right back with our next guest. You’re not going to miss this. Don’t go away. 

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