Dr. Oliver Krause Founder of Untitled INC. at World Economic Forum | Traders Network Show – Davos, Switzerland Pt. 2

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Dr. Oliver Krause, CEO/Founder of Untitled Inc. at World Economic Forum (DAVOS)


-Exploring space of consulting, advising corporations, and the start-up world

-Untitled Inc. developed blockchain research accelerator which provides mentoring to graduate students while simultaneously providing access to talent

-Customers are mostly mature investors and focused crypto funds


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INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Dr. Oliver Krause, CEO/Founder of Untitled Inc. interview with Frank Ricotta, CEO/Co-founder of BurstIQ

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show):00:00    

Welcome back to the Traders Network here at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2019 broadcasting worldwide on Equities.com. I’d like to have another special shot shout out to our sponsor, SALT lending. I’m still here with Oliver Krause and we’re talking about Untitled inc. I mean, like in all this chaos, there’s always opportunity. Yeah. And so, you saw an opportunity to create, create a new kind of company and new kind of think tank, an untitled thing that was a little bit about what the company’s focused on. 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 00:33

Well, I mean, we created that first of all as a network and we were like some early crypto heads, but also people like me with about 25 years back on and strategy consulting and we see. So that’s a pretty interesting combination, Glover footprint. And we’ve been exploring this space first in various areas.

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.):  00:54    

So, in the consulting field, advising corporates, but also the start abroad and then so that developed some expertise, how to evaluate actually interesting investment opportunities. So that’s the second area to advise crypto fund and investors. And then we will also follow up by a lot of researchers, MSC and PhD students, which brought us to the point that we created a blockchain research accelerator where we mentor them to develop real fundamental new concepts in that space. And so, with that we have access to talent in this space and looking forward to leverage that. 

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show): 01:39

It’s a good, a good way to grow your talent. You know, hire smart, smart people and they haven’t gone down the path. 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.):  02:00    

They look deeper. I would say that let’s say the average speculator, obviously. 

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show): 01:55

Yeah. So, so from a customer perspective, are customers investors?  Funds and individuals as well?

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 02:07

Yeah. I mean, individuals, it’s more, I would say there’s some select individuals, but they are certainly not in terms of revenue and not the, the dominant customers. 

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show): 02:14

It’s really more of an institutional investor, data focus cryptofund?

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 02:22

Focus Cryptofund which are today, not so much institutional investors, but aren’t sure that this will come once the regulatory side is mature.

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show): 02:29

Let me rephrase that. A mature investor, right? And then how about startups? You work with the startups in the space?

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 02:37

Exactly, yeah. Startups typically are rather also let’s say mature startups. I give you one example. We are working with a startup which is owned by some guys who actually are the sustainable energy production feed. So, they build a decentralized power plants or the attack plants, bio gas, et.

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.):  02:59    

They own about 22 companies that they founded. One as a blockchain as a service based on smart meters because they will roll out a smart meter infrastructure in Germany. And this is a requirement by law to the two companies in Germany. You can do it. And that’s one of them. And they put basically a blockchain note software on top of the hardware, the smart meter. 

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show): 03:33

Wow. So, we’re getting into a smart city. 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 03:35


Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show): 03:37

So, so, you know I’m the founder of BurstIQ. So, if I approached you and said, I’d like you to come help my company what would a typical engagement look like from the standpoint of timeframe? 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 03:49

The time frame I would say to do a really good, develop a really good strategy in terms of a product assessed product and service the operations model and the business model. I would say typically two to three months engagement with two to three people. And then from there you would, we would actually figure out where actually would to move next.

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert/Contributor, Traders Network Show):04:03    

Okay. Well I think, I think we’re running out of time. I can keep talking and talking with you. So let me see if I could wrap it up. So, we’re here again with Oliver Krause, wrapping this up with Untitled inc., one of the world’s leading strategic consultancies in the crypto space. And I looked at a lot of resumes in this company. Very, very powerful team. And thanks again and good afternoon and have a great day. 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 04:42

Thanks for having me, Frank. 

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