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Dr. Oliver Krause, CEO/Founder of Untitled Inc. at World Economic Forum (DAVOS)


-Presented: “Cryptopia – Beyond the hype, toward the internet of value.”

-Blockchain solutions are being built that will change how we work and live in the future

-Crypto currency demonstrates how blockchain can allow anything of value to be transmitted digitally


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INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Dr. Oliver Krause, CEO/Founder of Untitled Inc. interview with Frank Ricotta, CEO/Co-founder of BurstIQ

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert & Contributor, Traders Network Show):  00:00            

Welcome to the Traders Network Show broadcasting worldwide on Equities.com. I’m Frank Ricotta and today we’re going to do a follow up interview with Oliver Krause, the co-founder of Untitled inc. However, you know, we we’re speaking after the first interview with Matt and I’ve just found it fascinating when you, when I asked you about the name of your company, why did you pick Untitled inc. as the name of your company? Can you tell our viewers a little bit of that story behind the scenes? 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.):00:37

Yeah, sure. I mean on top of, we have been struggling a bit with finding a name and then we opened up a power point and that’s always on title. And then we thought “inc”; incorporated is probably a bit boring, but what’s the other meaning it’s, “it’s not centralized”. So, this pretty much matches what we are doing in this space as a think tank, adventures in the blockchain or DLT space.

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert & Contributor, Traders Network Show):  00:58            

So, you’ve had a pretty interesting World Economic Forum so far here at Davos and I know earlier in the week you presented. Can you give me your opinion, can you give us a quick summary of your presentation? 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.):01:14

Well, I mean my presentation was about “Cryptopia – Beyond the Hype, Towards The Internet of Value.” And if I would summarize it in one sentence, it’s crypto collapsed and blockchain is great because right now at that moment the solutions are built that will change the way we work and live in the future. I don’t know exactly when brought, it’s for me, not a question of if it will happen. The technology is in many areas still quite immature. And there are a lot of experiments going on. That’s the, the actual innovation we have seen 10 years ago through the bitcoin blockchain with a unique digital baritone that allows the transfer of value across the internet will definitely change how we can transfer anything of value being physical or digital or physical via the internet. Peer to peer.

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert & Contributor, Traders Network Show):  02:18            

Yeah. Yeah. I, you know, I think, I think that’s a great point. So I mean, if I went at this from a little different perspective in what cryptocurrencies did do for us, they brought this conversation to the forefront and you know, right, wrong or indifferent, a lot of money was poured into the space, you know, a lot of speculation, but a lot of really, really good investment as well back into the true infrastructure, which is the blockchain side of life. So, do you see that continuing through 2019? 

Dr. Oliver Krause (CEO/Founder,Untitled Inc.): 02:50

What we are seeing currently is that there’s more interest by a traditional VC money rather than crowd funding which basically attracted around 28 billion US dollars in 2017/18 so far. A lot of that money actually will be lost because they have been a lot of back bad actors round. But there will be some companies and some projects will develop into the new Googles and Amazons. It’s very hard to predict which ones. Yeah, but I’m convinced it will be the case. 

Frank Ricotta (Blockchain Expert & Contributor, Traders Network Show):  03:21

We’re going to come back. I’d like to talk a little bit more about Untitled inc., but we have to take a break now. We’ll be back in just a couple moments.

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