CEO of DeepView Kitty Parry says Their Technology Prevents the Posting of Sensitive Information – World Economic Forum

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Kitty Parry, CEO of DeepView with Matt Bird at World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland)

Say you work for a company like Apple and you take a selfie at your desk, inadvertently capturing plans for the latest iPhone behind you. You post the selfie on social media, and suddenly you have accidentally leaked sensitive product information to the entire world.

Deep View solves this with its image guard AI program that recognizes sensitive information, preventing it from ever being published.

Kitty Parry, the company’s CEO, told Matt Bird, Host of the Traders Network Show, that it works with government organizations, large financial institutions, and a pharmaceutical company. “Any organization where it is critical that data remain inside the organization,” she said of Deep View’s clients. 

 The two spoke during the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Even though the program is essentially monitoring employee behavior, Parry said pushback has been limited because Deep View is user-enabled and demand-led, meaning workers and companies have intentionally opted in.

(Written by Andrew Waite; Editing and revisions by Nicole Liddy)

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