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Maria Palombini, Director, Communities & initiatives development, Emerging tech at IEEE-SA with Matt Bird at Converge2Xcelerate Conference (Boston, MA)


  • IEEE-SA is a leading consensus building organization that nurtures, develops, & advances global technology
  • Global telehealth market expected to reach$16.8 billion by 2024
  • Maria is leading a 1-hour workshop on the digitalization of clinical trials

The mission of IEEE-SA is advancing technology for humanity. That’s why Maria Palombini, the organization’s Director of Communities and Initiative Development of Emerging Tech, is focused on making sure that AI is implemented responsibly. 

“We want to see how people are using these technologies responsibly,” Palombini told Matt Bird, Host of the Traders Network Show, at the 2019 Converge2Xcelerate Conference in Boston. “Autonomous systems, although great, do present certain challenges.”

One specific area IEEE-SA was looking into was the concept of digitizing clinical trials. “How we can digitalize the entire trial from study design through endpoint validation?” Palombini said. 

Doing so could make trials more inclusive, more efficient, and lead to increased data integrity, she said. But she added that such advancements would only come about if autonomous systems that enable something like the digitalization of clinical trials are created in the right way. 

“We want to work with global educators, people who believe in the same thought process, and we’re hoping to develop younger engineers to think responsibly when we are looking at the development of these autonomous systems.”

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