Fiona Reynolds of PRI Discusses Sustainability and ESG Investing – Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative

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Managing Director of PRI wants all stock exchanges to promote sustainability

Fiona Reynolds, Executive Director for PRI interview with David Nelson at Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (NYSE)


  • PRI has 1,300 signatories with assets over $59 trillion
  • Stock exchanges have a critical role to play in the responsible investing world
  • PRI Mission: to create a sustainable financial system

Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director of Principle for Responsible Investment, wants every stock exchange in the world to sign onto the Sustainable Stock Exchange’s framework. That’s a lofty goal, but considering PRI represented about $59 trillion at the time of the 2015 interview, Reynolds could clearly put a lot of money where her mouth was.

“When we talk about responsible investment, when people sign onto the principles they agree to put them in place, which is all about how do you integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into your investment process,” Reynolds said during an interview with The Traders Network Show at the 2015 Sustainable Stock Exchange Event held at the New York Stock Exchange. “I do think responsible investment is an inevitable agenda that is just starting to gather pace and momentum, and that there really is no turning back now.”

Reynolds said stock exchanges have to be at the forefront of the drive toward more ESG-focused investing.

“We need exchanges to show leadership to help companies to be transparent about what they are doing and how they put environmental, social, and governance factors into their thinking. And we need to get more exchanges involved,” she said.

Still, Reynolds said, creating truly universal sustainable investing requires everyone.

“Our mission is to create a sustainable financial system. So that means we have to work with all the different actors that are involved,” she said. “We need the investors, we need the companies, we need the exchanges. We need all the financial organizations—it has to be all of them.”

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